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Chinese Women in Indonesia Victims of Mass Rape During May Riots



Chinese Women in Indonesia Victims of Mass Rape During May Riots

It's just over a month since President Suharto was
ousted from power in Indonesia. The killing of six
students which sparked off the unrest has been
investigated and the perpetrators found. But
reports are now emerging of other atrocities that
were committed whilst Suharto was ousted from
power in Indonesia. Our Asia correspondent,
Matt Frei, reports:
Last month hundreds of journalists, including
myself, descended on the Indonesian capital,
Jakarta, to cover the rising wave of popular
unrest which finally swept President Suharto from
power. Most of our attentions were focused on
the demise of Asia's longest ruling dictator. He
was the story.
But behind closed doors something far more
sinister was taking place. The Chinese minority
has traditionally been the scapegoat in Indonesia.
But what happened on May the thirteenth and
fourteenth defied their own worst expectations.
Thiem Sentee, a Chinese hotel manager, used to
have a hotel located in the heart of Jakarta's
Chinatown until it was burned down by the mob
together with thousands of other Chinese-owned
shops and houses. He said he'd heard a story of
a woman being raped in front of her husband and
children. She took insecticide the second day
and couldn't be saved. Other women were
victims of gang rape, some of whom found the
trauma too much, preferring to commit suicide.
Many ethnic Chinese are Christians and it was at
church that the rape victims first overcame their
shame. As one woman spoke out another stood
up and told a similar story and then another. A
terrible realisation dawned on congregations in
Jakarta and elsewhere. The Chinese women had
become victims of what looked like a campaign
of mass rape. Swamped by appeals for help from
the churches the psychology department at
Jakarta University set up a forum to encourage
the women to speak out in public. None of them
dared but there were plenty of eyewitnesses. One
man described how he helped a mother and
three daughters escape the country.
On the fourteenth of May my friend's three
daughters were put on the back of a truck by a
group of men. They were repeatedly raped from
four in the afternoon until three in the morning.
The youngest was fourteen. The next day I drove
them to the airport. They escaped on a plane to
Singapore and then Australia.
Many of those who couldn't flee are still in
hospital, their minds scarred and their bodies
often horribly mutilated. One of their doctors said
the youngest victim had been eleven years old
and the eldest eighteen or nineteen. She knew of
at least four hundred cases of rape. In one
incident sixty-eight Chinese women and girls
were raped by groups of as many as ten men
who systematically worked through the floors of
an apartment block in a middle-class, residential
district. Frequently the victims were humiliated in
front of their Indonesian neighbours.
A psychologist, Christie Powandari, has set up a
crisis centre for the victims, some of whom had
been ordered to dance naked whilst people
clapped their hands as if they were animals.
According to him, rape is quite common but
mass rape like this is definitely not.
The unanswered question haunting the Chinese
community, still numb with fear, is who did this. A
number of victims have said that the men who
raped them had crew cuts and tattoos and that
they seemed to be drugged, or drunk. In the
rumour mill of Jakarta, some have pointed to the
same renegade units in the army which allegedly
encouraged the rioters and looters; possible, but
not proven. What is proven is the racism and
jealousy of many Indonesians towards their
relatively wealthy Chinese neighbours. Could the
rapes have been committed by ordinary people
venting their anger against a helpless minority? It
was a question that Christie Powandari was loath
to contemplate.
I don't think that Indonesian people, even when
they really hate Chinese, for example, can do that
- rape groups of twelve years old young girls. I
don't know. It's really unbelievable.
What we do know is this. Hundreds, perhaps
thousands of Chinese women were
systematically raped on two consecutive days in
May and so far the government of President
Habibie which has promised reforms and the
respect of human rights has done absolutely
nothing to find the perpetrators and punish them.

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Bonca mengatakan...

fuck indonesian... thank god i wasnt there anymore

Clover and Cookies mengatakan...

Menjijikkan. Ngiri? Alasan apaan tuh?! Konyol. Saya penasaran, kenapa mereka nggak berusaha memperbaiki diri mereka dan malah memperkosa perempuan Chinese. Ga masuk akal. Pemerintah Orde Baru semua bego dan nggak punya otak. Buta dan sama sekali nggak menghentikan kebiadaban ini. Lebih rendah daripada anjing dan sampah masyarakat. Membuat muak saja.

Johni Pangalila mengatakan...

Bonca berkata...
fuck indonesian... thank god i wasnt there anymore

Saya rasa kata2 diatas hrs diperbaiki. karena kata2 'Indonesian' berarti semua rakyat Indonesia. Atau pengomentar tdk paham bahasa inggris dgn benar.
Karena tidak semua org Indonesia yg seperti itu.

Dan bagaimana pengomentar mengucapkan kata2 yg tdk pantas berbarengan dgn menyebut 'God'

'thank god i wasnt there anymore'
Berarti yg masih tinggal di Indonesia tdk pantas berterima kasih?

Jangan jadi kacang lupa kulit.

chubby mengatakan...


I really hate them!!!

dont have a heart!!!

how they can do that!!!???

Junos mengatakan...

memang anjing semua tu org!!!! gw sumpahin mak nya juga digituin og

skinheads dan herbert mengatakan...

kalo saya td akan " fuck indonesian " karena saya org Indonesia. saya cm mengucap "bangsat, manusia² sampah pelaku kerusuhan.semoga mereka sadar di kehidupan selanjutnya nerakaadlh tempat mereka. semoga mereka jg merasakan sakit spt apa yg dirasakan korban² kerusuhan baik di saat mrk hidup sekarang atau di neraka kelak.amin

SKY mengatakan...

yang ud terjadi, tak bisa diulang. ingat, Tuhan itu tidak buta...
apa yg mereka tabur, akan mereka tuai sendiri.
penghakiman itu hak nya Tuhan, bukan kita.

wsxzaq mengatakan...

Those who raped, killed, burned shops & houses of the Chinese Indonesian ethnic citizens are Terrorist & Act of Evil!!!

We Will Never Forget !!!

At that time, the Indonesian government could not handle the situation on Mei 13, 1998 that's mean the country would be collapsed !!!

AVA mengatakan...

kira usut tubtas.. let's settle the account.
who is guilty , who is in charge, which officer in govn in charge...

ShadowOfThePast mengatakan...

Saudara2 setanah air sekalian.. ga perduli etnis apapun...

Saya adalah orang yang berdarah dingin dan kejam karena masa laluku kelam ditindas orang...

Tetapi membaca blog ini... saya hanya bisa menitikkan air mata tanpa bisa berucap apapun...

Hatiku bertanya: Masih adakah orang yg lebih kejam dari aku ini? Sebiadab itukah dan se terkutuk itukah kalian para pelaku drama ini?

How r u going to responsible this actions to your own ancestors and your descendants later? And to your own Creator?

Ni men hua ren... wo xi wang da jia hao.. Yi lu suen fung..

deni mengatakan...

semua ada sebabnya, sebaiknya orang china di indonesia dan di manapun mulai berpikir mengapa mereka sulit diterima di tanah asing

zelkova mengatakan...

"semua ada sebabnya, sebaiknya orang china di indonesia dan di manapun mulai berpikir mengapa mereka sulit diterima di tanah asing"

Sebenernya itu agak kebalik. Faktanya adalah, org2 china diluar negeri lebih diterima dari kampung halamannya sendiri di indo, sebaiknya lebih baik kita pikir knapa kita org indo sulit diterima di negeri asing. Apakah krn mental kita adalah mental perusak? Contohnya di Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Phillippines, rata2 org indo yg tinggal disitu adlh maling, perampok, copet dll..

Buffalax mengatakan...

The problem is not about Indonesia. Indonesia is just a country. The problem is the religion, Islam, that teaches its followers to hate and kill people of other religions. During the riot, some rapers even say out loudly "Allahu Akbar" which means "Allah is the greatest". What sort of thing is that? Raping is against any religion and yet they are raping in the name of their God? They are misguided. God, please forgive the Muslims for they don't know what they are doing. Please guide them so that they will realise your true existence and repent from wrong-doings based on hatred which are preached by Prophet Muhammad and satan.

Abigail's Frozen Food mengatakan...

Some of the photgraph are now proven to be fake. So stop talking of these nonsense
I hate violence and yes I believe that fake prophet are teaching violence and killing
@bonca: how did u get your money to other country? are you parents corruptor? or cheater? using the weak BLBI systems? FUCK YOU! I am Indonesian and I am proud of it, those raper animal are not real.
@Junos: You have a best comment

KUNPAYAKUN mengatakan...

apa yg terjadi terjadilah,ingat hukum karma terus berlangsung hingga saat ini,apa yg ditanam itulah yg kita petik,mulai dr sunami,gunung meletus,kebocoran gas dll,hingga kasus ini dapat di ungkapkan,inggatlah akan ada kejadian yg lebih besar lagi dari sunami,apa itu? tunggu tggl mainnya...ingatlah kejadian itu adalah massal, maka karma yang kita akan dapat pun secara massal,inggat kisah nabi NUH A.S selama yang salah masih hidup,dan terlindunggi diantara yang benar.........ASS

pranata mengatakan...

hai bung deny kalau ngomong pakai otak dasar oon. kalau orang chines
di negara lain gak pernah diperiksa
yg macem2,tetapi kalau orang indo selalu dicurigai. dan juga orang chines gak seneng bikin masala.orang indo aja yg gak bisa bisnis.bisanya korupsi,ngrampok,dan memperkosa. tulisan ini saya tujukan pada orang indo yg otaknya pada ruet/gak sadar akan kesalahannya. salam hormat bagi orang indo yg sadar,baik dan bermoral

hky_wi mengatakan...

woi... deni mudah2 an mamak en adik perempuan kau diperkosa org juga, ditusuk pake sapu pepek nya.. waktu itu baru kau pikir kenapa keluarga kau gk diterima disitu...

Janice mengatakan...

org chinese itu giat".. pekerja keras.. ga kayak org pribumi yang males".. ga mau usaha.. pengennya instan.. cuma bs buat onar doank.. lo liat aja kenyataannya!! ini emank negara indonesia!! tp lo liat siapa yg sering bikin rusuh di indonesia?? ya org" indonesianya sndiri.. orang chinese emank cuma numpang.. tp lo liat aje sndiri!! negara indonesia itu ekonominya drmana? klo bukan dr org chinese.. pembantu rumah tangga jarang coy yang chinese.. tp yg pribumi mah bejibun.. oiya,, jarang banget orang chinese mw kerja sampah kyk org pribumi yang kayak diatas...upppsssss...
kontollah org" ga punya otak+ ga punya hati.. ngarepin aji mumpung ngejarah doank bisanya...

laurentiusivan mengatakan...

Sembari baca saya jadi inget lagi kerusuhan dulu, keluarga saya termasuk keluarga chinese menengah yang ngak bisa kabur dari Indonesia. Kita semua ketakutan ngurung diri di rumah, untungnya sebagian besar penghuni komplek adalah mayoritas chinese jadi kita saling bantu untuk mencegah massa masuk ke komplek.

Tapi ngak semua pribumi jahat kok, buktinya teman saya menyembunyikan ratusan chinese di loteng rumahnya waktu kerusuhan. Ratusan lho, selama berhari2.

Yang membuat saya kesal ya karena saya ngak bisa melakukan apa2 saat kerusuhan, jadi manusia kalau ngak berdaya itu memang paling menyakitkan kok. Yang bikin saya sedih waktu baca gimana mereka diperkosa seperti hewan aja, dan semoga apa yang mereka lakukan akan dibalas di akhirat sana.

gz mengatakan...

pemerkosaan bukan hanya ada di indonesia, tapi disemua negara ada, termasuk dicina, semua negara ada mafianya, semua negara ada penjahatnya, tapi tidak semua negara kuat, bayangin aja jaman dulu persenjataan indonesia thu semutakhir apa sih? polisinya aja sedikit dibanding banditnya. kalo bilang orang cina yang diperkosa di indonesia, gag sedikit juga wanita pribumi yang jadi korban di negara sendiri. jadi kenapa harus saling jelek2in sih, life no backspace.
buat apa liat kebelakang terus. kalo mau bilang smw org cina di dunia baik, nyatanya di cina ada mafia juga. ada pembunuh juga, ada pemerkosa juga, klo orang cina baik semua, cina pasti akan jadi satu2nya negara tanpa polisi di dunia. saya mengakui negara indonesia bukan negara yang sempurna, tapi bukan berarti orang indonesia bejat semua. nyatanya sri mulyani terpilih bekerja di worldbank, habibi di percaya di jerman. orng cina juga punya kelebihan dari pelajaran2 kuno yg berguna n terkenal. kenapasih mencari2 kejelekan negara lain. toh tki indonesia di cina juga tidak diperlakukan dengan benar2 baik. tapi toh aq gag bilang fuck chinesse, gag bilang mati aja lo cina,, toh temen aq juga gag sedikit yang cina, dan cina sekarang gag sedikit yang nikah dengan orang indonesia. klo kalian bilang indonesia seperti itu, kalian akan sebut apa orang cina yang nikah dengan org indonesia? kalian liat tentara amerika yang perang di irak, kalian pikir gimana nasib irak? itu negara yang maju, bukan negara yang masih berkembang seperti indonesia?
jadi, kenapa gag kalian sekalian bilang orang di dunia laknat semua, jadi kalian pindah aja ke bulan sana. jadi kumpulan orang2 yang paling suci, baik dan sempurna.

just jot mengatakan...

Liatin ajha wanita ras sendiri ajha di perkosa -- .. Org chinese memberikan begitu bnyk lowongan kerja, tlong dipikir" yah.. Ini anak 11 taon diperkosa, klo masih mau blg negara lain jg ada pemerkosaan mah udah kelewatan..

just jot mengatakan...

Liatin ajha wanita ras sendiri ajha di perkosa -- .. Org chinese memberikan begitu bnyk lowongan kerja, tlong dipikir" yah.. Ini anak 11 taon diperkosa, klo masih mau blg negara lain jg ada pemerkosaan mah udah kelewatan..

Raden Agung mengatakan...

Gk semua org indonesia gitu kali.. ati2 klo ngmg bitch !!

Raden Agung mengatakan...

Gk semua org indonesia gitu kali.. ati2 klo ngmg bitch !!

angel ling mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
angel ling mengatakan...

Tidak perlu diperdebatkan, apa yang diperbuat oleh orang jahat pasti ada ganjarannya dari Tuhan. Jadi jika kita memperdebatkan hal ini, sama saja anda seperti penjahat.